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InterestNet - Interest and Penalty Software

DMI's flagship interest and penalty software InterestNet™ is a single product solution for interest calculations on federal IRS and state tax underpayments and overpayments. InterestNet™ is the industry standard interest and penalty computation software and accurately computes global interest netting benefit per Section 6621(d). The user-friendly interface allows for easy entry of transcript detail while providing the flexibility to perform restricted interest computations, evaluate alternative interest results for hypothetical events, and perform "what if?" scenario development.

Tired of having to update interest rates from a CD?  InterestNet automatically updates interest rates when they are available each quarter!

The IRS uses InterestNet™ to perform net rate interest netting computations, per IRM Be confident your interest results are accurate with InterestNet™.

Key Features of our InterestNet interest and penalty software:

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Tax and Interest Software

FIN 48 Software

FIN 48 software for managing your uncertain tax positions and calculating interest on federal, state and foreign taxes.

Interest and Penalty Software

DMI's interest and penalty software is a single product solution for federal and state interest computations, including global interest netting.


FIN 48 Implementation Services

Conversion of FIN 48 and reserve UTP data for use with DMI48 software.


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DMI48 Software Demo

UTP/FIN48 compliance and related interest computation software demonstration.
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InterestNet Software Demo

Interest and penalty computation software demonstration.
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Interest for FIN 48

Learn why interest matters for FIN 48.
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