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DMI TPM - Tax Position Manager Solution

DMI's Tax Position Manager (TPM) software application is an affordable solution that streamlines and automates the management and reporting of all tax positions including agreed adjustments, adjustments under audit and UTPs on a foreign, federal, state and local level, and their related interest calculations, for all tax types. 

TPM will eliminate spreadsheets for tracking, calculating, and reporting purposes, and provide a level of business continuity that saves a tremendous amount of time and mitigates compliance risk providing efficiency and peace of mind to a corporation's tax department and executives.

Moreover, DMI's Tax Position Manger applications' available integration with Bloomberg BNA's Corporate Tax Analyzer and DMI's InterestNet software, both of which are the only two products authorized by the IRS for multi-year tax and interest netting computations, creates a complete and incomparable end-to-end solution for accurately computing, tracking, and reporting tax and interest positions. 

Key features include:

·        Provides the management for ALL tax positions including Federal, State, Local, and Foreign

·        Tracks certain tax positions such as NOPA, RAR and claims, UTPs, and potential   ASC740-10 issues

·        Tracks and manages known audit issues and adjustments

·        Unlimited custom attributes

·        Federal benefit reporting

·        “What if” Scenario builder

·        Auto assignment of state apportionment tables

·        Consolidation feature

·        Robust settlement capabilities -Netting the same results as the IRS


·        Provides all documents for disclosure including IRS forms and footnote reporting

·        Detailed supporting reports provide a simplified and complete presentation for external auditors


·       Automatically generates Journal Entries: liabilities and amounts due to you from the taxing authorities (inclusive of interest), Foreign Exchange G/L, Translation G/L, and tax impact of state/local taxes and interest

·     Provision reports providing support and showing the source of all Journal Entries back to the changes in the underlying issues.

·        Results easily fed electronically into any provision system or excel based process.

BNA’s Corporate Tax Analyzer (CTA)

·        Exclusive seamless integration capabilities

·    In combination with DMI’s TPM, creates an extremely powerful tool for accurately computing, tracking, and maintaining tax and interest positions


·      DMI’s included InterestNet™ solution and BNA’s CTA solution are the only two solutions authorized by the IRS for multi-year tax and interest netting computations.


·        TPM does significantly more for less than other software offerings

·      Was designed to and is capable of removing spreadsheets from the entire tax position tracking process, interest computation process, and provides an automated settlement process that nets the same result as the IRS. 

·        Tracks and manages known audit issues and adjustments


Who can benefit from leveraging TPM:

1.      Any corporation that tracks any type of position, however simplistic or complex, whether they have a handful or a multitude of positions. Year over year tracking within spreadsheets is a laborious, tedious, and a risky task. Automation of this process with TPM provides an immediate value in both time savings and accuracy.

2.   Any corporation that currently uses a software application for tracking UTPs will be afforded the following benefits by switching to TPM:

a.   Cost – TPM is affordable and modestly priced in comparison, which provides an immediate cost savings benefit. 

b.   Functionality – TPM does significantly more than any other application in the market (for less).

To learn more on the benefits of leveraging TPM, please click here to schedule a demonstration.


Tax and Interest Software

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