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Company History

Since its founding in 1996, Decision Modeling, Inc. (DMI) has been a leading developer of tax software products that provide simple and elegant solutions to complex tax problems. In tandem with DMI’s tax software offerings, DMI has provided consulting services to tax professionals in the resolution of Federal tax interest and penalty issues, payment strategies for current and future tax years, and claim development. In addition, we have provided forensic accounting services to clients in support of actual and anticipated litigation. With the release of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Interpretation No. 48, DMI has most recently proven itself to be innovative and responsive in its development of a comprehensive FIN 48/UTP analysis software to meet current tax compliance challenges.

Tax and Interest Software

FIN 48 Software

FIN 48 software for managing your uncertain tax positions and calculating interest on federal, state and foreign taxes.

Interest and Penalty Software

DMI's interest and penalty software is a single product solution for federal and state interest computations, including global interest netting.


FIN 48 Implementation Services

Conversion of FIN 48 and reserve UTP data for use with DMI48 software.


Research links to relevant topic information including Schedule UTP.

Video Demo


DMI48 Software Demo

UTP/FIN48 compliance and related interest computation software demonstration.
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InterestNet Software Demo

Interest and penalty computation software demonstration.
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Interest for FIN 48

Learn why interest matters for FIN 48.
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