InterestNet FAQs


What else will be installed on my computer during the Installation?

If not already installed on the destination computer, the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 will be installed on it by the installation program.

How do I receive updates for the InterestNet 7 software?

Software updates are provided through an integrated automatic update. When a new update is available, InterestNet will prompt the user to download any new updates. You can also click on the 'Check for Updates' link on the Navigation Panel in InterestNet to manually launch the update program. If your computer is unable to connect to the DMI update site, it may be possible that your company firewall has blocked InterestNet from accessing our servers.  Please contact your IT department for assistance in setting up your firewall, or go to our Download Page to download manual software updates.

Tax and Interest Software

FIN 48 Software

FIN 48 software for managing your uncertain tax positions and calculating interest on federal, state and foreign taxes.

Interest and Penalty Software

DMI's interest and penalty software is a single product solution for federal and state interest computations, including global interest netting.


FIN 48 Implementation Services

Conversion of FIN 48 and reserve UTP data for use with DMI48 software.


Research links to relevant topic information including Schedule UTP.

Video Demo


DMI48 Software Demo

UTP/FIN48 compliance and related interest computation software demonstration.
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InterestNet Software Demo

Interest and penalty computation software demonstration.
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Interest for FIN 48

Learn why interest matters for FIN 48.
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