InterestNet FAQs

General Software

Is there a DMI InterestNet user guide?

The user can access the InterestNet Help System by clicking on the Help tab on the left hand side of the Navigation Panel.   This comprehensive Help system gives the user a vast amount of detailed information on the use of the system. 

For the first-time user, there is a "Tutorials" section in the Help system which contains several tutorials that the user can follow along in step-by-step in order to get a feel for how the system works, how to set up client files, compute results and view the results in various reports. 

Beginning users may also want to view the “InterestNet Software Demo” video on our website for an overview of basic system operation.

Does InterestNet have a reminder to update interest rates?

A notification will appear on the Main Screen of InterestNet at the start of a new quarter if updated rates have not been applied already, or if a revised set of rates has been posted at any time.  New updates can then be downloaded through the automatic update or via our website

Tax and Interest Software

FIN 48 Software

FIN 48 software for managing your uncertain tax positions and calculating interest on federal, state and foreign taxes.

Interest and Penalty Software

DMI's interest and penalty software is a single product solution for federal and state interest computations, including global interest netting.


FIN 48 Implementation Services

Conversion of FIN 48 and reserve UTP data for use with DMI48 software.


Research links to relevant topic information including Schedule UTP.

Video Demo


DMI48 Software Demo

UTP/FIN48 compliance and related interest computation software demonstration.
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InterestNet Software Demo

Interest and penalty computation software demonstration.
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Interest for FIN 48

Learn why interest matters for FIN 48.
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