InterestNet FAQs

Data Setup/Storage

Where are the data files stored? Can the data files be stored on a shared network drive?

While the software must be installed locally on each computer, data (.DMI) files may be stored either on a network or local drive. The location of the data files is determined by the user when a new data file is created. A browser allows the user to select the desired network or local drive location. The data files can be stored on a shared network drive and access granted to multiple users.

What is the file extension that the files are given?

The InterestNet data files are given a .DMI extension.

I just realized I should have called the data file I am using a different name. Is the best way to change the name to copy and save as a new name? Or can I re-name the file?

A user can rename the file using Windows Explorer as needed.  Note that the file must not be open in InterestNet when this is done or the file can become corrupt.

Can multiple users access the client data (".DMI") file at the same time?

The InterestNet Software is designed as a multi-user system. Changes made simultaneously to a data file by multiple users are saved depending on the order they were entered. The user data entered most recently will overwrite any previous changes and will be automatically saved. Users need to refresh a screen before they can see the changes made by another user. Caution must be exercised if multiple people in an organization are allowed to access / update the same client file simultaneously.

Why are the results different for multiple users accessing the same data source file?

Calculation results in InterestNet are NOT saved in the client data file for each computation.  Rather, results are saved in the system after the completion of the calculations.  This allows multiple users to run computations using different parameters on the same client data file without affecting other users’ results.

Tax and Interest Software

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FIN 48 Implementation Services

Conversion of FIN 48 and reserve UTP data for use with DMI48 software.


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