Common Errors

I’m receiving an Error “Code -3” or the message “Problem occurred saving data to disk”.

This indicates a problem accessing the data file. If your data files are stored in a network location, it is possible that some network services are delaying or blocking the software from accessing the file. Some known causes and solutions: 


When opening a file, I receive a message that this data file cannot be accessed because it has been created using a later version of the software.

The structure of data files may be upgraded as new software versions become available. As a result, older versions of the software may not be able to load the data file. Update to the latest version of the software and you should be able to open the file. 

While computing, I encounter the error code “-1002”.

This indicates that there is a problem with the interest rate data for at least one module. The method of computation has switched back to non-compounding after being set to compounding, this is not allowed. 

While computing, I encounter the error code “-1003 through -1006”.

This indicates that an invalid date was passed to the computation. Current acceptable range is 1/1/1954 through 12/31/2099.

While computing, I encounter the error code “-1007”.

This error indicates that a module in the data has activity prior to the first interest rate range in the interest table that is associated with the module. 

While computing, I encounter “comp # 205”.

This indicates that there are no valid or relevant transactions that can be passed to the computations. If you are using an interest base case then compute the modules in InterestNet first to make sure they have been properly set up. 

During installation, I encounter the error “The system cannot open the device or file specified.”

Certain folders are accessed during the installation process. In a high security environment, these folders may be encrypted or blocked from access. View the properties for the folder > Advanced > Uncheck “Encrypt contents to secure data”. The folders used are as follows:

The Read Only property of a folder does not affect the installation process and should be ignored. 

During installation, I encounter “Error 1155:Files:somedirinstmsi30.exe not found.”

The version of Windows Installer currently installed on your computer is not the latest version available and should be updated. The current version available is v3.1 (KB893303) and can be downloaded from Microsoft at the link below. 

During installation, I encounter “Error 1327 – Invalid Drive X:”.

This error indicates that a drive previously attached to your computer has been removed even if that drive is not used during the installation process. This drive may have contained an essential Windows folder or have been referenced as a Network Registry path that Windows checks before performing an installation. To correct this error, the user should reconnect the missing drive or edit their registry to no longer reference the missing drive. Users can also log on to their computers locally (without connecting to their network domain) and perform the installation. 

During installation, I encounter “Error 1721 – Error with Windows Installer”.

There are several possible causes for this error. 1) Verify that you are currently logged in with administrative level privileges. 2) Verify that you are installing to a local directory and not to a network location. 3) Verify that the version of Windows Installer currently installed is up to date. It should be a minimum of version 3.1 (KB893803). If you are currently running an older version, you can download the new version from:

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